Consultations with Margi Flint



During an hour and a half online session, we will sit together to discuss your medical history, diet, supplements, level of exercise, and all of the little important issues which pop up and make you the unique person you are. I am able to educate you throughout this time together. I will have an Herbalist with me to take notes.

We ask that you are makeup and nail polish free. Please do not eat foods that will color your tongue prior to our meeting. Please send a list of prescription drugs, when started and what they are for, plus vitamin or other supplements and their sources. Email this information to We will share our knowledge and consider shifting the amounts of minerals and vitamins consumed. We will formulate herbal protocols for you. Get them anywhere you choose or we will ship to you. We will have a good time!

We proceed gently and slowly to shift habits in the diet, emotional self, and moving that physical body! We are looking for the kindest, most effective support with herbs. You will decide which form of the herbal protocol is best for you. Choices include herbal teas, tinctures, bath salts, pills or capsules, sprays, steams, oils, poultices, solid extracts and many other creative uses of the Earth’s healing plants. A generous number of months are normal for effecting change in long-term issues. Aroma therapies and Flower Essences are often suggested.

Have your screen close to a natural souse of light so that I can see your tongue and face well! I look forward to virtually viewing you!


For a private consultation with Margi and my note taker, the fee is $200 plus herbs and supplements if you choose to get them at our office.


Marblehead Practitioner’s Circle fee is sliding scale, $70 to $200 determined by the client. Book an appointment for 10:00 AM or 1:00 PM EST.

Be sure to call well in advance to book an appointment.  Other Herbalists, up to 5 others will be virtually present. You will be able to see them.

Click here to go to the Practitioner’s Circle page to find upcoming dates. Call to book an appointment. 781-631-4312

Booking Appointments

Contact Margi by phone from 9 AM to 5 PM at:  781-631-4312

or Click Here to send Margi a message