Gifts of Spring – Violet

Now is the season where we have beautiful Violets blooming all over the ground and they are so easy to harvest! You (and your small children with clean hands) can reach down and grasp a bunch of the leaves and flowers, gently ask them to release and give thanks. Leave half for the bees and take half for you. Put them into a basket in one layer to dry. If you put too many layers together they’ll mold! I like to use big round beautiful baskets. They are easily stackable so that drying is very efficient. Remember to dry away from light but with good air circulation.

From the dried flowers and leaves you can make violet syrup or add them into teas for breast issues. Whether it is breast cancer or fibro-cystic breasts, Violet has a definite affinity to the breasts.

You can make cough syrups by adding harvested Violets to gently heated honey or honey loquat syrup. Violet is especially good for the cough that is at the back of the throat (i.e. always clearing the throat.)

Violets also make lovely ice cubes to add into summer teas. Even Winter teas if you can keep ice cubes around that long!

Kids love them. Gathering up some beautiful violets is a great project to do with the family. You can even make candied violets, but I am not a chef.
Okay, enjoy the Spring!

Violet -Viola tricolor, Viola odorata
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