Happy Pooping

There is a lot to be said for squatting, returning to our primal roots, squatting by a tree and delivering back to nature that which we have ingested. Alas modern day toilets are too high making bowel movements strained and uncomfortable.

ImageSquatting straightens out all your plumbing; the lower bowel creates an S curve, by squatting you straighten your S curve to create a free flow of all that Thanksgiving turkey. Your days of constipation and straining on the toilet are over! Save time, energy, and prevent hemorrhoids. Poop happy, be happy.

If you have a really high toilet or like an extra deep squat – we have an extra Squatty Potty which is 9” high. We are offering it for a reduced rate of $10 plus shipping

First come first serve. Email Erin at [email_link link_text=”Earthsong Herbals” mail_subject=”Inquiry about Squatty Potty] – we will be responding to emails on Tuesday Dec 1st

Check out this great video for a good laugh and more information.

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