Creating Change

August 23, 2021

This weekend I shared William LeSassier’s face, tongue and nails class.  I loved his saying, that the indications of lines, blemishes and colors of the face is a historic record of a person’s life.  We carry our experience for all the world to see.  While teaching to this very intimate group I was able to share many stories […]

Seeing the Horizon: Thoughts from Margi

August 6, 2021

Here I sit writing at the computer. Completing the details, which are never-ending, for the fourth edition of The Practicing Herbalist. I continue to find statements about being an herbalist, sitting with clients, and philosophy of life in general. I am nearing 600 pages, so a lectern may be needed. You can regularly switch out Christa Sinadinos’ The Essential […]

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