Photo of Margi teaching a classes

Marvelous Marshmallow & Courageous Borage

December 24, 2019

Nourishing Nervines, part 3 Marshmallow, Althea, is another mucilaginous, demulcent plant, the root is what’s use. Marshmallow is the one that grows about 5-6 feet tall and it has very softy velvety leaves and powder blue flowers that go from pink to blue and it’s just stunningly gorgeous. I wish I could make clothing out […]

Slippery Elm helps with Addiction.

December 9, 2019

Nourishing Nervines, part 2 The other herb I use with Milky Oats for nourishing the nervous system is Slippery Elm. Slippery Elm is Ulmus rubra and you want to gather the inner bark after the tree is at least ten years old. It’s a very slow-growing tree, that was actually saved by the Boy Scouts of America, who […]

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