The Practice

"Marblehead" by Margi Flint

EarthSong Herbals is an integrative practice in the lovely seaside town of Marblehead, MA.  Each person who walks through the door is encouraged to find the perfect herbs, hear the appropriate advice concerning foods, supplements, and movement.  We may refer out to one of the wonderful yoga, dance, cranio-sacral, massage or mental therapists, as well as acupuncturists, chiropractors, dentists, physical therapists, energy workers or doctors. Our goal is to assist people in achieving and maintaining optimum health.


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Margi may have a visiting herbalist or intern by her side...

Monthly we offer Practitioners Circle. We conduct in-depth, joyful consultations with our clients. We serve people from the community and herbalists from all over the land looking for clinical experience. A client is seen in the morning and one or two in the afternoon. The hour and a half meeting is an educational and collaborative process where the wisdom of each individual is greatly appreciated. Together we determine the appropriate herbs and treatments for our client. We listen to your health story and make suggestions that may include diet, supplements, exercise and your present and desired levels of happiness. Herbalists have varied backgrounds, growers, students, Massage Therapists, Estheticians, Naturopaths, Nurses, Doctors, Homeopaths, Pharmacists, well, just about any career combination you can imagine! We share formulating protocols, preparation of herbs for clients, the final steps developing a plan of realistic compliance and billing.

The energy of the group is very supportive of the client and clinician.

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Be sure to ask if you want a private session with Margi. On occasion, an herbalist flies in from far, far away and I will conduct a clinical intensive for a few days in a row. 

Each person is unique. Tea, tincture, bath, poultices, aromatherapy, or flower essences, sprays, steam or creams -- we will find a protocol that works for your lifestyle and habits.