Clinic Dates

The following dates are currently available for patients to participate in clinic:

Monday, July 24th & 25th 2017
Wednesday, August 16th & 17th 2017
September 17th & 18th
Call to schedule appointments for upcoming dates

Appointments are scheduled for 10Am or 2Pm. Please see the Practitioner’s Circle page for more information.


“The part of clinic I enjoy most is observing Margi hold space for the people who reach out to her for healing. The space is cleared through ritual and held with presence and intention. Margi acts as a guide as patients uncover their own unique stories starting from birth and through these stories imbalances of mind, body, and soul are illuminated. There is a deep level of authentic wisdom that organically happens in each session, and I believe these truths are manifested through Margi’s ability to be present with each individual and her intention to heal. This element of being a practicing herbalist, a healer- truly a servant, is not easily captured in a book. I feel very blessed to have experienced it.” – Emily