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EarthSong Herbals is now VSAC approved for ‘non-degree grants’.  VSAC grants will cover the tuition for the programs we offer here, for eligible Vermonters.  You can log onto VSAC’s website to determine if you are eligible. If you are eligible, you must apply before the start date of any of the programs that we offer.

Saturday and Sunday, May 20th and 21st, 2017 Humoural Temperaments for Mongrel Herbalists

Jim McDonald
10 Central St Marblehead, MA 01945

In the tradition of mongrel herbalism, jim mcdonald will share how he understands and utilizes the humoural temperaments, and how he's adapted them (quite nicely, he feels) to the six tissue states & contemporary culture. We'll look at the ways temperaments influence our physical bodies and our dispositions, how they help us understand the people we work with better, and how we can more be most consciously aware of our own projections. We'll ponder the relevance of physical indicators, spend lots of time musing about combinations, and see how excess, deficiency and blockage of humoural tendencies influence health.

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August 13 2017 Sidewalk Diagnosis

Margi Flint
Earthsong Herbals Garden, indoors if it rains

Learn the generalities of facial diagnosis and learn the meaning of each line, color and marking on the people who attend. The outside is the inside!

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CDs of William LeSassier’s teachings are available!

Facial Diagnosis and Palpation Video CDs are available through


Go the the store at the www.williamlesassierarchive.org to order his brilliance now. Do not wear headphones, sound is erratic.

“May the shining light of his wisdom be yours.”

~ Margi