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EarthSong Herbals is now VSAC approved for ‘non-degree grants’.  VSAC grants will cover the tuition for the programs we offer here, for eligible Vermonters.  You can log onto VSAC’s website to determine if you are eligible. If you are eligible, you must apply before the start date of any of the programs that we offer.

October 21 - 22 2017 The Biology of Re-Enchantment

Sean Donahue
Earthsong Herbals 10 Central St Marblehead MA 01945

In this workshop we will explore how herbs and simple rituals can help us recover the magic and joy of embodiment to aid us in healing our world and ourselves.

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November 3rd, 4th and 5th Clinic with Two Sage Herbalists

Matthew Wood and Margi Flint assisted by Stratton Semmes
Earthsong Herbals 10 Central St Marblehead MA

Herbal Practice Unmasked Unearthed We will be sharing thoughts around realistic expectations and commitments for sincere practice. 1. Do you have what it takes to be in business for yourself and be present for clients? Do you have the ability to sit with people without judgement? It takes a lot of practice to practice. Are you willing to work 5-7 years to set up a practice and keep your day job? Where is your priority; making medicine, seeing clients, growing herbs, drying herbs, have a family and make a living. 2. Accounting, Social media, teaching, free lectures. Do you have a highly individualistic personality?

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November 6th Margi and Matt A Full Day of Diagnostics

Margi Flint & Matthew Wood
10 Central Street Marblehead MA 01945

Margi and Matt will share their approaches to reading the body, face, nails and tongue and of course pulses. We will drop herbs onto the pulse and demonstrate on participants or maybe grab a random person off the street! We welcome Intermediate and advanced students who have completed previous herbal studies. Participants must have a basic understanding of herbs and health conditions. Margi and Matthew will delve into pulse, tongue, nail and body conditions. These with be “snap evaluations,” illustrating diagnostic indicators and methods. Everyone will shift from observing to pulse taking to herb testing. Plenty of hands-on at the knees of Matt and Margi.

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November 11 Responding to Environmental Impacts on Reproduction & Birthing & Birth defects

Margi Flint
Big Moon Bee Farm outside Austin Texas

Thoughts on how genetics, the environment, pesticides, fertilizers and plastics are affecting fertility, birthing and the next generations. Visual indicators on the face, nails, tongue and toes will be shared.

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12/02 and 12/03 Reading The Body

Margi Flint
Pacific Rim College, Victoria BC

Learn to read the face, nails, tongue and body to understand indications of lines, blemishes, marks and colours. Understanding the cues of the organ/body correspondences is a precious gift (and a curse). Indications of hot, cold, damp dry and wind conditions can easily be read once you train your eyes to see. Margi Flint shares the knowledge learned from her teachers and clients over the past three decades. Sold out- Ask for attendance!

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CDs of William LeSassier’s teachings are available!

Facial Diagnosis and Palpation Video CDs are available through


Go the the store at the www.williamlesassierarchive.org to order his brilliance now. Do not wear headphones, sound is erratic.

“May the shining light of his wisdom be yours.”

~ Margi