The Biology of Re-Enchantment

Sean Donahue
October 21 - 22 2017
Earthsong Herbals 10 Central St Marblehead MA 01945
10am - 5pm
$250 6 person minimum Deposits are non-refundable

In this workshop we will explore how herbs and simple rituals can help us recover the magic and joy of embodiment to aid us in healing our world and ourselves.

We are living in difficult times. Fearful times.  The threats to our planet, our communities, our own freedom and well-being and that of the people we love keep mounting.  It can all feel too overwhelming to engage ~ but disengagement from it brings emptiness and numbness.  It can feel hard to find any magic in these times when it is needed most.  But it is the fear itself we feel that weaves the enchantment that creates the fog that keeps us from finding new ways forward.

When we reclaim our bodies as our own, we break the spell cast on us.  And as our wild spirits become embodied again, we again feel the touch of the human as well as the other than human worlds.   The return of connection gives rise to solidarity which animates community, making it possible to bring new worlds into being.

Sean Donahue is a neurodivergent/NeuroQueer/Autistic herbalist, poet, witch, and feral creature.  He makes his home in Trout Lake, WA on the traditional territory of the Yakima nation and bases his practice in Portland, Oregon.  He frequently travels to offer workshops and teach at conferences across North America. For him, magic, poetry, healing, and liberation are inextricably linked.
Sean worked as a political organizer for a decade or so before realizing an introvert with a decidedly non-linear approach to the world was better suited to talking with plants and gods than to managing organizations.  Sean also had a brief career as a journalist reporting on repression and resistance in Latin America.  He is Priest and a keeper of the Green Wand in the BlackHeart Line of the Anderson Feri Tradition of Witchcraft.  He blogs at Green Man Ramblings, contributes to Gods and Radicals, and can be reached at his website for classes and consultations.

Sean embodies the earth, speaks to ancient wisdom and current ethical and spiritual concerns.  Sitting with this man of dark rich humus, inner strength through adversity and supreme sensitivity to all life is awesome.

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