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EarthSong Herbals is now VSAC approved for ‘non-degree grants’.  VSAC grants will cover the tuition for the programs we offer here, for eligible Vermonters.  You can log onto VSAC’s website to determine if you are eligible. If you are eligible, you must apply before the start date of any of the programs that we offer.

March 24 & 25 Reading the Body in Orlando

Margi Flint
Florida School of Holistic Healing

This two day seminar will focus on various diagnostic techniques including facial signs, tissue color, elimination analysis, signs of hot, cold, damp and dry conditions. At Reading the Body learn how to prevent illness both lecture and hands on learning, ample opportunity for questions to understand what your body is saying to you. Contact https://www.holisticlivingschool.org/events/orlando-reading-the-body-with-margi-flint/

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May 26th 2018 Sacred Plant Medicine

Rochelle Baca
To Be Announced (Marblehead)

Please join us Saturday, May 26th 10AM to 5 PM for a full day intensive Sacred Cannabis Medicine Making Class. Class is filling..... You must have lived on Earth for 18 years or more to attend. As the tide turns toward recognizing the value of Cannabis, we welcome back Sacred Plant Cannabis Medicine into our society. Rochelle Baca will walk us through a day of learning some of the many ways you can utilize Cannabis Medicine in your everyday life. This class is a simplified, traditional medicine making class. The class will include: -Understanding psychoactive and non-psychoactive constituents in our medicine makings -A basic understanding on how to make: -Infusions -Salves -Tinctures Handouts will be provided. For an additional materials fee… -there will be hands-on medicine making: -infusions of oil -basic salve -cannabis tinctures. -Take home what you make!! Class Fee: 150. Materials Fee (optional): 150. Rochelle Baca is a Traditional Herbalist, Teacher, Activist and Sacred Plant Medicine Maker.

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September 15th and 16th Reading the Body and Clinical Pearls

Margi Flint
Earthwalk School of Herbal Traditions, 14 Camrock Dr, Rockport ME 04856

Reading the Body and Clinical Pearls Each color, line and marking on the face, tongue and nails holds meaning of your internal health. Margi will be explaining and demonstrating diagnostic techniques

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CDs of William LeSassier’s teachings are available!

Facial Diagnosis and Palpation Video CDs are available through


Go the the store at the www.williamlesassierarchive.org to order his brilliance now. Do not wear headphones, sound is erratic.

“May the shining light of his wisdom be yours.”

~ Margi