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The Practicing Herbalist

Meeting With Clients ~ Reading the Body

Third Edition

Shared by Margi Flint

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“You hold in your hands a very special book, an expression
of modern North American Herbalism coming of age.”

David Hoffman, B.Sc., FNIMH

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This includes links to herbal resources, full text search, and personal notepad. New material from guest authors Matthew Wood, Jim McDonald, Nicole Telkes, and more. Margi will be updating diagnostic lines and health tips.

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“Margi has continued to expand and refine this comprehensive text, The Practicing Herbalist, which holds valuable knowledge and the priceless experience of several clinical herbalists, including herself. In clearly organizing and generously offering much information gleaned through years of truly seeing and listening to clients, understanding the science, beauty and mystery of the human body, and observing the ways that herbs, foods and supplements can support each person looking for greater well-being, Margi provides a unique reference that can both encourage and guide the herb student and experienced herbal practitioner.

Woven in these pages are guidelines for optimal health, recipes of herbs and foods, tidbits and ideas of the well versed practitioner, catch phrases to listen for in choosing an herb, ways to read the face, tongue, body language and so much more. Here is a book that guides one well, through humor, heart, story and teaching; a book filled with practical information, caring and devotion; a book to keep close by and use over and over again. Thank you Margi for your dedication and passion in sharing this work!”

Kate Gilday,
Woodland Essence
Cold Brook, NY

“With great excitement, I ripped the packaging off your new book yesterday. My to-do list contained so many scribbled items to be completed, including harvesting some nettle, catnip, and other items from Mother Nature’s treasure chest. In spite of that list, the most crucial surprise addition was to read your book. First the sun, the stars and then the full moon lead me through every page. I cried, I laughed, and totally took in the flavors and smells of every word your wrote. You are of the earth, as I am. Felt like finding home in a book.

Anyway, may heartfelt thanks for sharing such wonderful information, love, pain, and insight. You are an inspiration. Wish I had met William LeSassier. Thanks Margi.”

Debbie Engelmann

The Practicing Herbalist on Kickstarter

“You really outdid yourself with this book … the care, the depth, the knowledge … WOW! A true gift for an inspiring herbalist! This will be seen as a major contribution to herbal medicine in the years to come …you’ve certainly left your mark in this world … in a very inspiring and positive manner! Grateful blessings,”

Mary Ann Doran

“Hey, the other day I was spending hours formulating for a client (which is usual for me) and feeling a little stuck, so I opened up your book to a random page and landed on the part where you talk about the beginning of your practice, and how you would spend hours formulating, and that it was time well spent. It was good medicine! Thank you.”

Oren Hercz in Halifax

“With all the skill of a master alchemist, Margi weaves together her years of experience as an herbal practitioner with the best of the teachings and the teachers she’s studied with. She stirs in just the right amount of honey, a bit of sass, and a healthy dollop of humor to bring us one of the most eminently useful books on herbal practice available today. There’s so much wisdom here, so much depth, and so much practical information distilled into these remarkably interesting pages. But even more, there’s so much generosity of spirit as Margi invites us into her heart and home and shares with us her deeply personal journey as an herbal practitioner.”

Rosemary Gladstar, Herbalist and Author

“What a pleasure and a treasure to have all of Margi’s wisdom, experience and ever-useful insights into the art and practice of herbalism. This book will not only serve students and teachers of herbs, but all consumers of health care in search of good medicine.”

Kathleen Maier / Sacred Plant Traditions

“What a great accumulation of vital observation and herbal tidbits. It makes a good read in the beginning as you get a tour of Margi’s office and practice. A real ‘fly on the wall’ experience. I see it also very useful as reference for herbalists who can search for specific information of facial, tongue, pulse conformation, as well as a method of sorting information from the client intake. She respectfully includes the wisdoms of her teachers with references to them for us to follow to their source. I am grateful to her for paying such close attention over the years and writing this down.

She speaks of her relationship with her clients: “They get herbs and nutrients, my knowledge and stickers. In return they honor me with the exchange of money…A good day.”

Gail Julian ~ Herbalist
Director Clinical Herbalist Training Program
California School of Herbal Studies

The Practicing Herbalist, ISBN # 978-0-9764836-3-2


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