Everyday Herbalism: Margi’s Immune Boosting Tea

Despite the unseasonably warm weather, winter is upon us and with it comes sickness.   To give your immune system that extra boost and keep the sniffles at bay, add this tea to your repertoire.

Our Beautiful Echinacea!

¼ cup herb per quart Jar


.75 oz Elderberry

.25 oz Echinacea leaf

.25 oz Echinacea cut and sifted

.75 oz Licorice

.5 oz Spearmint


Boil water, place ¼ cup or more of the herbs into a glass container.  Cover.

Allow the herbs to steep for 5-10 minutes.   Strain with a stainless steel sieve, I like the nice wide ones you can find at kitchen stores.

A French press is great also – or a quart mason jar, to then pour into another quart.


Infusions will ferment, so store it in the refrigerator for one no longer than two days, tightly covered.

Be sure to compost the herbs, out the window or in your houseplants, simply returning them to the earth in order to receive the medicine. Full circle.




Dandelion can be used for so many things and if you forgot to harvest them during the spring and summer you are in luck.   With the weather being as crazy warm as it has been the plants are tenacious and are starting to grow again thinking it is springtime!

Margi finding Dandelions on      her walk in mid December!

Dandelions aren’t just weeds that ravage your nice green grass. Dandelions are a beautiful herb, which have great health benefits.


*Cardio vascular health



*Liver health and detox


These are just some of the many uses for Dandelion.

All parts of the plant can be used, the root, the leaf, the flower.

Many people incorporate the leaves in a salad for their fabulous diuretic and nutritive properties.


Pineal Gland

Environmental pollution, poor nutrition, high altitude, stress patterns and a blow to the head also impact the Pineal gland. Cold water hitting the back of the neck keeps you younger by stimulating your core temperature regulatory center. Avoid fluoride; it accumulates in the Pineal gland.


Visual Indications for the Pineal Gland

  • Darkened nipples during pregnancy
  • Dark vertical line of the pregnant belly
  • Eye sand, where the Sandman leaves grit in the morning
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Pigment changes circling the lips, splotches on the face
  • Pigment changes anywhere on the skin

Everyday Herbalism: Menstrual Cramps

Erin, the Office Goddess, will do anything for a blog post.   Which includes sharing with the world that she is experiencing menstrual cramps…Image

Good thing she works for an herbalist, Margi to the rescue.


Margi’s Recipe for Menstrual Cramps:

Equal parts Black Haw and Cramp Bark

Sprinkle of ginger and cinnamon chips

Use ¼ cup of herb mix to 1 quart cold water

Cold water is very important when using barks and roots if you use hot or warm water they seal themselves up, so you must start with cold water because we want them to open and release their magic for us.

You make a decoction, or a 15 minute brew, by putting ¼ cup of the herbs in a quart of cold water in a pan on the stove and simmer them covered for 15 mins then you take them off the stove to rest for 15 mins

Strain and VOILA! You have a drink to sip to help ease your cramps.

If you are an herbalist during your moontime you shouldn’t come in contact with the herbs, for you will suck the energy right out of them. Our ability to bleed for days without dying is strong magic that is powerful medicine. A woman on her moontime would not be sleeping next to the medicine man for she is most powerful at this special time. At EarthSong Herbals we are not allowed to work with the herbs or tinctures or even the essential oils during this time of the month. You should take this opportunity to relax, and take care of yourself.

Erin’s testimony: This worked great! I get cramps that radiate along my hips, lower abdomen and lower back and this soothed the pain. I would especially get these in the morning so sipping a warm and yummy beverage felt good and took the place of the motrin or midol I would have previously taken. Two thumbs up for this remedy!


Meditation for the Pineal gland

Meditation helps to bring balance to the endocrine glands. If you don’t formally meditate, meditate informally. Light a candle, sit comfortably with spine erect at the table and stare at the candle. After a minute or so shut your eyes and bingo! The light shines on your third eye. After a few minutes of letting the thoughts pass through your mind like clouds, get up and you have done a good thing for your stress level and endocrine system.