Happy Pooping

There is a lot to be said for squatting, returning to our primal roots, squatting by a tree and delivering back to nature that which we have ingested. Alas modern day toilets are too high making bowel movements strained and uncomfortable.

ImageSquatting straightens out all your plumbing; the lower bowel creates an S curve, by squatting you straighten your S curve to create a free flow of all that Thanksgiving turkey. Your days of constipation and straining on the toilet are over! Save time, energy, and prevent hemorrhoids. Poop happy, be happy.

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Check out this great video for a good laugh and more information.

Gathering Roots

As the chill of November sets in and the growing season comes to an end it’s time to think about Solomon’s seal. Solomon’s Seal is a ryzome used to bring muscles and ligaments back to balance. Muscles and ligaments that are too tight or too loose need Solomon’s Seal. This root should be gathered after the first frost. It will choke itself out if left to grow on it’s own. Take only as much as you need for a whole year and do so in a manner as to thin out the beds. They will overlay each other in mats. Never take iIMG_9143t all; you always need to leave some behind to grow again for future years.

Karyn Sanders taught me that Solomon’s Seal does not like being dug up by metal. With that in mind I use a fallen deer antler and my fingers. The antler is like the shape of my fingers, rather an extension of them, and works very well at reaching between roots of others to loosen the entire plant’s roots.

Once I get my herbs inside I brush them off with a dedicated paintbrush, the less expensive medium stiff bristles work best. Then wash them in a bowl of water. They don’t need to be pristine but get most of the dirt off them. I let them dry overnight or two days and then cut them diagonally.

From these dry roots I will make oils or tinctures or dry further for later use.


Everyday Herbalism: Luca the Cat

This weekend poor Luca, now in his teen years, came in with an injury. We suspect he’s either getting a too frisky with the older lady cat down the street or he’s waging an epic battle against the backyard squirrels.   Either way he ended up with an abscess on his shoulder and was limping.   Much to his dismay, we quarantined him to the house for a few days. He just lay on Peter’s chair for days until I got home from CA. I treated him with a poultice of cut and sifted plantain leaf and turmeric powder.



  • Put plantain and turmeric in a cup and pour in boiling water, steep for 10 minutes covered.
  • Lay some gauze in a different cup and pour in the steeped mixture so that when you pull up the sides the plantain mixture is in the gauze and you have formed a pouch.
  • Take this in the cup to wherever you will be comfortable sitting with the kitty. Make sure it’s not too hot then apply the gauze pouch with flannel layers or wool over it to retain the heat. Cuddle profusely.
  • If the wound is open first apply some yarrow flower and leaf tea.
  • Hold it on the wound for as long as they will allow. Repeat by dipping into hot tea and applying again and again. Twice daily if possible.

We used this treatment for Luca the cat but would also work for other animals and of course humans. Good for the treatment of hard masses, soft masses, abscesses and infections. This is everyday herbalism.


Somewhere in here is a connection to the amygdala. Our amygdala has to do hormonal secretions relating to the emotions of fear, anger, arousal and pleasure from past and present memories and motivations. On my “time line” these are the events with the greatest weight. Memory and emotions are combined in the amygdala, so trauma like being beaten, abused or degraded are stored in the cellular memory. DMT, Dimethyl-tryptamine, under extraordinary circumstances, is also produced by the pineal gland. Birth, some mushrooms and extreme emotions push the pineal to create DMT. Just as powerful stimuli are positive combinations of memory and emotion- being loved, accepted, cared for and praised. Many extremes can be favorable. Here I interject words from Kathleen Maier “The pineal gland is about transformation and transition.” This is where the moan comes in. “Orgasm is the little death- our egos dissolve and we give ourselves over to unite with the divine.”


“Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that carries information across the synapse between one neuron and another. It is found in brain, gut, pineal gland, and blood vessels and causes blood vessels to narrow, reduces aggression, affects color pigmentation via melatonin, affects mood, emotion, sleep, appetite metabolite 5-HTP (excitotoxins also use 5-HTP receptors) and helps reduce pain.”

From the Third Edition of The Practicing Herbalist By Margi Flint